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Eleva Finance, a financial expert firm specializing in providing modern financial solutions to individuals and organizations has recently chosen thinktum as their strategic technology partner. Since 2018, thinktum has been providing robust Artificial Intelligence-driven pure no-code solutions to the insurance industry and gaining market traction with their modular technology suite, liz life.

Eleva Finance had been seeking a partner to assist them in providing a turnkey solution to enable the optimization of their insurance platform. They were also, however, looking for a partner that shared Eleva’s values and business practices.

“We knew we needed a partner that could provide the solutions we needed, but it was equally important to partner with a firm whose ethics and culture matched our own,” Natasha Brazeau, Founder and CEO of Eleva says. “It was obvious thinktum had the technical expertise but also has the same level of ethical standards we demand.”

thinktum’s liz life suite consists of liz, liz assess, and liz data. When used in concert, liz life delivers a faster application process to provide more targeted products and identify misrepresentation while adding much-needed personalization to the sequence.

Eugene Shafronsky, thinktum’s Head of Strategy said this regarding the Eleva partnership, “We couldn’t be happier to partner with Eleva Finance. Their products, vision, and business acumen are second-to-none. Our goal is to optimize and refine Eleva’s clients’ customer journey to improve the experience, increase Eleva’s resource efficiency to reach clients faster, and provide quicker and more relevant support. thinktum’s pure no-code liz life suite continuously optimizes the process with hyper-personalization. In our initial pilot, we could achieve a five-time increase in conversions to leads.”

Eleva offers insurance, financial solutions, and advice for individuals, as well as all aspects of Group Benefits for Canadian organizations soon expanding to the US market. You can learn more about Eleva through their website,

Natasha Brazeau a participé, avec Eugene Shafronsky (thinktum), à l’événement ITC Vegas, du 20 au 22 septembre 2022.


Natasha Brazeau se distingue parmi les grands dans le domaine de la finance. Voici un article très intéressant qui explique plus en détail son succès actuel.

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