About Eleva Finance

Eleva Finance, founded in 2022, is a financial expert firm specializing in providing financial solutions in a modern way to people and organizations.

Eleva Finance specializes in assisting leadership teams in gaining critical alignment on the decisions essential to navigate growth. Eleva Finance incorporates advanced financial expertise augmented by cutting-edge technological models to personalize every recommendation and proposed solution to maximize both short- and long-term outcomes.

Eleva Finance operates across Canada and plans to expand to the US market soon.

Message from Eleva's CEO & Founder

With the world embracing technology and everything moving faster than ever, it is vital to continue focusing on every person and understand their unique needs and wishes. We are privileged and proud to work with clients from all backgrounds and all walks of life. 

At Eleva Finance, we incorporate advanced technological models and human experts’ touch to personalize our recommendations and propose solutions that will achieve the best possible outcome.   

Our clients are our top priority, and we listen to them and deliver a personalized experience to help secure their financial future.

Our Team

Natasha Brazeau

CEO & Founder

Natasha is a financial industry leader with over fifteen years of experience and a proven track record of generating financial growth for both organizations and people. She has been leading various financial industry initiatives for over 15 years, mainly supporting Healthcare & Public Worker networks. 

Natasha founded Eleva Finance to support her vision of optimizing the financial customer journey and experience by integrating modern technology into all Eleva’s processes. 

Before founding Eleva Finance, Natasha led a personal financial services department under one of the largest Canadian third-party administrators.

Jacques Poirier

Registered Retirement Consultant

Jacques has more than forty-two years of experience and success as an insurance agent and a Financial Advisor. Jacques specializes in Retirement Planning and Estate Preservation.

Over the years, Jacques had the pleasure of conducting Retirement & Investment Seminars for the employees of large employers and members of large unions.

Jacques is an active member of the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners and retains the designation of Registered Retirement Planner. As a partner, Jacques is happy to share all his knowledge and experience with the clients of Eleva.

Liz Glover

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Liz Glover is a Vice President of Strategic Partnerships with Eleva Finance. Liz is responsible for helping to connect organizations and individuals with trusted financial solutions offered by Eleva.

Liz brings over 40 years of experience as a Human Resources professional in the public service sector, including the provincial government and healthcare. She has an in-depth knowledge of public and private sector culture, challenges and needs.

Roxanne Simon

Client Experience Specialist

Roxanne is a skilled professional specializing in orchestrating high-level customer service and tailored experiences.  Her unwavering dedication to client-centricity constantly enhances the experience of those she serves.   She seamlessly merges attentive listening and strategic insights and ensures that each interaction resonates with purpose.

Roxanne is responsible for the end-to-end customer experience strategy. She evaluates and addresses customer feedback and develops strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

The Eleva Finance Experience

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